Meet Brian Lowry, one of Crawlspace Medic’s Franchise Owners operating Atlanta, Georgia! In this video, Brian talks about what he gains from being a Franchise Owner with our home improvement franchise, his experience working with our Franchise Owner support system, and why others looking to own a franchise should get involved. 

Before being a Franchise Owner, Brian had prior experience working in the construction industry in operations and management. “Prior to owning a Crawlspace Medic franchise, I was working for Crawlspace Medic,” Brian states. “But I have been in construction for most of my life.”

What stood about Crawlspace Medic for Brian was our simplified business model, in comparison to other home improvement franchise and construction opportunities that exist in the industry. “What stood out to me about the business model for Crawlspace Medic was the simplicity,” Brian claims. “Having done previous kinds of construction that were very complex—restoring a fire destroyed home, there were hundreds of work order and lots of moving parts. At Crawlspace Medic, we work in crawlspaces.” Our focus on crawlspaces, and only crawlspaces, makes our business operations very simple, as Brian stated, and allows our home improvement franchise to work in a unique, high demand market with virtually no competition. 

Aside from the business model, Brian found that best part about being a Franchise Owner with Crawlspace Medic is the freedom and flexibility that is offered in operating and scheduling. “I think the most satisfying part about running a Crawlspace Medic franchise is the independence,” Brian argues. “It has a support system behind it, but it is yours. So, you get to run as quickly as you would like to build it, and when you need to slow down, you can slow down.” Our business model not only allows for simplicity, but we are dedicated in offering our Franchise Owners the flexibility to possess a healthy work-life balance. Family life is a significant factor in the lifestyles of all of our Franchise Owners, so the flexibility our home improvement franchise offers allows everyone to better focus on their families.

Financially, Brian is excited to see where his franchise in Atlanta will grow in the upcoming years, and is ready to grow with his business. “I am happy with where the revenue will be, but it is like any other business that you are going to build,” Brian says. “It will take time, so I am very happy with where it will be in Year 2, 3, 4. Those revenue projections are really clear, and so we are very excited about that.” 

For all of our Franchise Owners, we offer a support system and team to ensure the best possible path toward success for your franchise, and Brian discusses how the financial and customer service support he receives has aided his own franchise. “So the ongoing support that I receive and utilize is their financial services,” Brian says. “This means they help us with receivables, they help us with the financial side of things in quick books and some of the reporting. They also help us with our customer support by receiving the phone calls centrally here at corporate, and helping the Atlanta office set up our inspection and production schedules.” We want to help our Franchise Owners succeed, and our support team hopes to offer the best expertise and industry knowledge.

So who does Brian think should look into becoming a Crawlspace Medic Franchise Owner? “If you’ve had managerial experience, you can keep a team on track, you understand the budgeting and timing and production of any kind of product, this is just production. You’re just producing construction.”

Overall, Brian has found that our home improvement franchise has given him the freedom to take full ownership of his business to achieve his own success. “Crawlspace Medic gives us the ability to work on the business, instead of in the business. This is going to let us multiply this opportunity as high as we can.”

Inspired by Brian’s story and want to obtain a career that allows for independence and flexibility? Becoming the next Crawlspace Medic Franchise Owner could be the perfect opportunity for you! CLICK HERE to visit our franchising page, where you can learn about what we do at Crawlspace Medic, what we look for in a franchise owner, and why YOU should get involved!

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