We’re excited to introduce our newest franchise owner at Crawlspace Medic, Tom Wilson! He joins our home repair franchise by way of his own Crawlspace Medic in Greenville, South Carolina.

Before joining Crawlspace Medic, Tom spent a majority of his career working directly in manufacturing, specifically in the poultry industry. Graduating from Clemson University in 1980 with a degree in Agricultural Engineering, he worked various jobs in various industries, including Goldkist and Con Agra, before landing his career at Perdue Farms. After 25 years, he retired from Perdue Farms as General Manager and VP of Operations. 

Currently residing in Florence, South Carolina with his wife Laurie, Tom has personally witnessed the work and growth of Crawlspace Medic in the local community since the start of our franchise. And seeing the development since our launch, Tom saw the great opportunity to get directly involved. “I’ve been watching Crawlspace Medic develop out here over the last few years,” Tom states. “Given the positive results, the ability to get key franchise members growing, and seeing where the founders have been with Crawlspace, I knew that Crawlspace Medic was the right fit for me.” 

One aspect of Crawlspace Medic that Tom values the most is our overall business model for Franchise Owners, from the owner training to the support from the corporate team. He experienced the direct support given to our franchise owners to ensure that their businesses possess the basic foundation necessary to achieve success. “As far as the business techniques and processes have been developed, getting the business going is very streamlined and easy to learn,” Tom claims. “The support they gave is really excellent as well, between the training and expertise of [the corporate team] in Charlotte.”

As a resident of South Carolina, Tom understands first-hand the impact of moisture on crawlspaces, and appreciates how Crawlspace Medic provides a specialized service that impacts many, but is offered by few. “I think that it’s a uniquely niche market, especially in the Southeast region of the US, where moisture under houses is an issue,” Tom explains. “It is a neat and unique selling point to be able to go to a customer, and say ‘we are experts underneath your house’. There’s not too many of those around.”

Even though he is just getting started with his first Crawlspace, Tom possesses an ambitious vision for his future with our home repair franchise with a goal to achieve significant growth with his Greenville location before expanding into more locations. “[I’m looking to] make money and grow the business to where we can grow into another franchise,” Tom expresses. “I’m looking to get Greenville under my belt in as quick of a period of time as we can before going into regionalization. Then, we’ll get a couple more locations, based off of the market.”

With 11 grandchildren of his own, Tom looks forward to experiencing the increased freedom and flexibility that comes with owning a Crawlspace Medic to spend more time doing the things he loves. Along with boating, bike riding, and fishing, Tom loves spending time with his grandchildren. 

Now that Tom has successfully secured his own Crawlspace Medic franchise, Tom wants to help others who are considering a new start with our home repair franchise by offering a few pieces of advice. “Crawlspace Medic is an easy learning curve. Take time up front to learn the process and understand how the business works. Spend time in Charlotte and Colombia, and learn from the guys who have been in the business and have experience. It’s important to spend time with the folks that have been successful.”

If you’re interested in opening your own Crawlspace Medic like Tom did, click here to visit our franchise page! Here, you can learn all about what we do at Crawlspace Medic, how to get involved with our home repair franchise, and why you should join our strong team of franchise owners!

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