We’re very pleased to introduce one of our Crawlspace Medic franchise owners, Jonathan King! In this video, Jonathon talks about how he became involved with our home improvement franchise, and how he is establishing a fulfilling career in entrepreneurship.

“Prior to becoming a Crawlspace Medic franchise owner,” Jonathon states, “I was working in ministry with an organization called Young Life for 14 years.”

But Jonathon was looking for something that offered more self-fulfillment and independence as a career. That’s when he decided to pursue entrepreneurship. “The thing that drew me towards entrepreneurship was the opportunity to work for myself and to build a business as well as the independence that comes along with that.”

“The thing about the Crawlspace Medic franchise model that stood out to me and drew me in was the fact that it is a service that can be done in any market. It is a business model that works anywhere,” Jonathon explains about why he ultimately decided that our home improvement franchise was the right fit for him. “Even though I didn’t really have background in handyman work or construction work before I came on as an owner with Crawlspace Medic, it has been pretty easy to learn the business from the standpoint that the back office has done a great job of giving me the tools that I need to understand, not only how the business works, but the construction aspect of the business.”

Since starting his own Crawlspace Medic and experiencing the industry, Jonathon believes that the future of his business holds great growth and potential. “I do see this business model being viable and growing going forward,” Jonathon says. “Last year, in Wilmington, it was the rainiest year on record. 105 inches. Previous record was 82 inches. I think global warming and natural disasters all play a role in homeowners needing help with moisture remediation and structural repair.”

Jonathon also discusses how he has experienced positive results financially through our home improvement franchise. “We’ve been very happy with how our business has trended in regards to revenue. As you can imagine with any startup, our bottom line isn’t what we’d like to see now, but we’re only six months in. Our revenue has exceeded all of our expectations.”

In the end, Jonathon attributes the self-fulfillment he feels working with Crawlspace Medic to the great impact he is able to make on the lives of homeowners in his community. “My work with Crawlspace Medic has very fulfilling so far. A part of that, I think, is that it is every American’s dream to own a home,” Jonathon expresses. “The challenge in that is not only owning the home, but taking care of it. To be able to help homeowners with that through taking care of their crawlspaces has been fulfilling for me.”

What excites Jonathon most about the future of his career and business? “I’m looking forward to growing as a business. I’m looking forward to hopefully owning more Crawlspace Medic franchises. To scaling this business and helping more homeowners.”

Jonathon found a fulfilling and rewarding career with Crawlspace Medic— and so can you! As we continue to expand the scope of our home improvement franchise across the nation, you could be the next franchise owner to make an impact on your community while enjoying the freedoms of being your own boss. CLICK HERE to visit our franchising page, where you can learn about what we do at Crawlspace Medic, what we look for in a franchise owner, and why YOU should get involved!

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