We’re excited to introduce one of Crawlspace Medic’s newest Franchise Owners, Bryan Hipps! With years of experience in both communications and engineering, Bryan brings a unique perspective to our home services franchise. 

Prior to joining Crawlspace Medic, Bryan enlisted in the military for 7 years straight out of high school. For 7 years, he faced many situations, engaging in both Desert Storm and Bosnia as a combat veteran. While in the military, Bryan worked in communications. Once he left the military, Bryan then worked at Motorola, Sprint, and Cricket as an engineer. It was after he left his job and started a home flipping business that he came into encounter with crawlspaces. 

He would “buy a home with a crawlspace, look at it, do the work that needed to be done to get the crawlspace up to standards so for the last couple year, I’ve been thinking about opening up a crawlspace business.” 

When he discovered our home services franchise, Bryan saw that the communication and operations were exactly his style. “I looked into multiple franchises and when I found Crawlspace Medic, they were on top of it. They communicated with me, answered all my questions and that’s the main reason I decided to go with them. If we are going to work together than my number one rule is that we have to communicate together all the time.”

Seeing that the services of Crawlspace Medic matched with the work he was also doing helped Bryan realize that the familiarity helped him understand the business model. “I like the fact that [Founder] Evan used to build houses – their entire background is in real estate and construction which goes hand in hand with crawlspaces. I like the Crawlspace business because it goes hand in hand with the work and home renovation that I’ve already been doing. I like the fact that everything ties in together. I’m already familiar with it and exposed to it.”

Bryan also met with the founders of our home services franchise, and immediately felt comfortable. “I was able to be myself when talking to them,” Bryan explained. “They understood who I was. I like the fact that they were just normal guys. I didn’t feel like I was in a corporate atmosphere when I met them.” 

Prior to joining Crawlspace, Bryan possessed extensive experience working with his own businesses in various industries and sectors of the business world. Him and his wife grew a chain of tanning salons from one to six, he has owned a real estate company since 2004, and he has owned a couple other small businesses. Where does he get this passion? “I’ve always been the kind of guy, I’m always looking for opportunities,” Bryan explained .”I’m a strong believer in that, you always have to look for opportunities. I’ve been involved in several businesses over the last 10-15 years and I’ve got a good background to get me involved with the crawlspace business.”

  Once he started with Crawlspace, Bryan saw how support was fully provided to ensure that Franchise Owners are 100% prepared before starting their business. “What I like about Crawlspace Medic is when you start a business, they actually spend the time to help you train your people – that’s a big thing to me,” Bryan explained. “Go up to Colombia, spend two weeks with the experts and they’ll teach you everything you need to learn to do this work. These guys are experienced and they can show you from A-Z how to do the work.”

In conclusion, Bryan possesses big visions for the future of his business. Specifically, he is excited to just engage with the customers. “Honestly, I’m looking forward to going to someone’s home and meeting them and educating them and showing them what they need that they don’t know what they need,” Bryan stated. “I’m going to be the expert let me tell you what’s going on, what we’re going to do, and what the end results are going to be. A lot of customers are going to have a lightbulb go off that they didn’t realize what was going on.” With regards to the business operations, Bryan explained how “eventually, I want to have 2 technicians, hire a guy who inspects the houses and then once I can make enough revenue, I want to find a manager to manage the guys for me.”

This may be Bryan’s long term plan, but he has also thought through his short term plan as a Franchise Owner. “My short term plan is to get the business going and start producing revenue,” Bryan said. “I love house flipping, it’s a lot of fun. The problem is the revenue is slow. The day you buy a home, it’s going to be 6 months before you see a penny out of it. Gotta renevate it, get it on the market, show it, go through the closing process, etc. I really wanna get that monthly revenue coming in.” 

All in all, Bryan feels confident in the growth and future of the veteran-owned business. “No business has lost money that I’ve owned – We’ve always sold it for a profit. You gotta feel good about the people that you’re going to work with. My gut never lies, listen to your brain but always go with your gut.”

Want to find a fulfilling career in the home services franchise space? Becoming the next Crawlspace Medic Franchise Owner could be the perfect opportunity for you! Visit our franchise page to learn about what we do at Crawlspace Medic, what we look for in a franchise owner, and why YOU should get involved with our home improvement franchise!

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