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Insulation Franchise

Keep homes more comfortable and efficient with our insulation franchise opportunity.

Insulation Franchise

Did you know that a majority of homes in the United States are not adequately insulated? When a home is built, the builders often use only the bare minimum amount of insulation to keep pipes from freezing and to pass codes and inspections. Since many buyers prefer to spend money on fancy add-ons and upgrades to attract buyers, home building companies often skimp on insulation to make up the cost for these bells and whistles. With an insulation franchise opportunity from Crawlspace Medic®, you have the power to give every home the insulation it deserves!

Poor insulation causes more problems than people realize. Not only does it waste a lot of energy, which increases your carbon footprint, but it can also cause your utility bills to skyrocket. In short, inadequate insulation leads to paying more money for less indoor comfort. With better insulation, homes are able to conserve more energy, save money on utility bills, and increase interior comfort, all while being better for the environment. With an insulation franchise, you will be able to help people better enjoy their homes by providing them with something they didn’t know they were lacking, but which will make all the difference!

An insulation franchise from Crawlspace Medic® allows you the opportunity to help people while also enjoying a new and exciting career. We are looking for people who are organized, punctual, passionate, friendly, and really want to use their past work experience and customer service skills to help people achieve the most out of their homes. If you’re ready to learn more about an insulation franchise opportunity with Crawlspace Medic®, we would love the chance to talk with you further. Call today to get started with our insulation franchise pre-qualification process.