When you own your own business, one of the greatest challenges you face is standing apart from the competition and convincing clients you offer the best service or product available. Imagine if you could still own your own business, but competition was greatly reduced, and you could become a clear winner in your particular market. This is why the Crawlspace Medic® business model shines – it was developed out of a lack of service providers who cater specifically to crawl spaces and the unique problems they encounter.

By offering a niche service, franchise owners can corner their local market and become a leading expert for a necessary service that remains in high demand. Crawlspace Medic® franchises fit into the home improvement industry in addition to the home repair industry. This allows for owners to target those who need to repair their homes and crawl spaces, as well as those who want to prevent issues with their crawl space as part of home improvement initiatives.

When you own your own business and become a Crawlspace Medic® franchise owner, you receive a protected territory uniquely created to ensure you have enough customers to reach the standard level of success our other owners have become accustomed to. Protected territories currently include at least 100,000 dwellings with either crawl spaces or partial basements occupied by a customer likely to invest in the services offered by your franchise.

Low competition rates and a proven business model help our franchise owners generate impressive revenue, achieve flexibility, and enjoy running a successful business. To request additional information, please contact us today!