Varied services are what you expect from your dentist or auto repair shop. After all, you do not have the time to go to one place for a dental cleaning and another for a root canal or have your oil changed at one shop and then go to another to have your brakes fixed. While this business model works for some industries, the crawl space repair industry is one that benefits significantly when one core service is the focus and priority.

Unlike other home improvement providers and handymen, the Crawlspace Medic® franchise model only focuses on crawl space repairs and preventative measures. After you purchase a franchise for sale, you will not have to try to incorporate other services. By focusing on only one core competency, you become an expert in your field and in your local market.

Although the Crawlspace Medic® business model is one of the only ones in the U.S. that makes crawl space repair and preventative measures its core focus, services provided within the structural and foundational repair category are more expansive. These services encompass preventing and repairing basement and crawl space moisture, uneven floors and framing, sticking doors and windows, termite damage, dry rot, leaking showers, improper framing, and sloping or bouncing floors.

Purchase a franchise for sale, and as a new business owner, you will be given a protected territory to run your business out of and become an expert in crawl space repair. If you would like to purchase a franchise for sale, reach out to us today for additional information.