Meet Evan Wilson and Jon Dando, the two co-founders of Crawlspace Medic. In this video, Evan and Jon take us through how Crawlspace Medic came about and what support is provided for the Franchise Owners in our home improvement franchise.

Evan begins by describing how there was a lack of services catered specifically towards crawlspaces when Crawlspace Medic was founded. “We started Crawlspace Medic out of a need,” Evan explains. “There was a need in this market to provide honest, truthful assessments of issues that people deal with under their homes” 

Thus, our home improvement franchise was launched, with the specific target on crawlspaces, and crawlspaces only. “Our brand and our name communicates what we do,” Jon stated. “We repair crawlspaces. That’s what we do and that’s all we do. We, from day one, have never wanted to dilute our brand.” Evan also backed that up, stating that “when you’re focused like that, we’re not a one size fits all like a lot of our competitors in the market. It’s easier for us to capture customers in the marketplace.”

From the start, franchising was also clear opportunity they wanted to take. Jon explains “we’ve built the business always to be able to scale it and offer the opportunity to other people.” Evan also details how “one of the things that attracted us to franchising is the fact that we both have a passion for people.”

As a home improvement franchise, service is key for Crawlspace Medic. “We exist to serve, not only the people that work for us and with us on our team, but also our customers,” Jon expressed. “So, that culture just kinda been built into the real DNA of our business.”

When looking at the relationship between the support team and the Franchise Owners, the communication and relationship have proven to work. “We talk to our franchisees everyday, so the support starts there,” Evan said. “It starts with a relationship. We really work together as a team to solve any issues or any problems that come up. If it’s additional training, we may need to help a franchisee qualify an employee. We’ve developed relationships with great vendors, and we pass that directly along to our franchisees.”

Jon also illustrates how it’s just resolving issues, but being partners in every aspect of the business. “Our commitment to our Franchise Owners is all about partnerships,” Jon claims. “Personally, financially, professionally. If they’re successful, we’re successful. The commitment is, we’ll do whatever it takes to help a franchisee be successful.”

What is one of the biggest ways the support team assists Franchise Owners in elevating their own franchise? “One of the big ways that we’ve supported our franchisees is financially, really understanding the metrics they need to approach when they run their business in order to operate efficiently,” Evan claimed. “It’s understanding how much you should pay an employee, how much you should pay for supplies and materials, and having a very consistent financial approach.”

All in all, both co-founders see the most excitement in the fact that Franchise Owners of our home improvement franchise can truly take control of their own career with the flexibility they desire. “For me, I think the thing that is most engaging about it for a franchisee is someone truly can chart their own destiny,” Jon stated. “They can own their own business. They can control where they get to go. They can come in, make decisions, call the shots, and really think about, ‘What do i want for me and my family in fifteen years?'”

Looking for support like this in your next career? Becoming the next Crawlspace Medic Franchise Owner could be the perfect opportunity for you! Visit our franchise page to learn about what we do at Crawlspace Medic, what we look for in a franchise owner, and why YOU should get involved with our home improvement franchise!

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