Purchasing your own low-cost franchise and becoming a Crawlspace Medic® owner is an exciting, fulfilling opportunity. We ensure it remains a positive, financially beneficial experience by equipping all our franchise owners with impressive technology designed to eliminate many of the common difficulties that arise when running a business.

For example, we provide our low-cost franchise owners with direct access to our Customary Relationship Management (CRM) software that covers everything for you, from creating and managing sales quotes and scheduling dispatch to financial reporting, business management, invoicing, and job closeouts.

In addition to this highly developed system, we further support you as a franchise owner by providing you with ongoing access to our Support Team, which is one of the most essential pieces to your success as a low-cost franchise owner. This support comes in the following forms:

  • Startup support—We help you figure out your territory and its size based on social demographics, the number of homes with crawl spaces, and the office warehouse space you choose.
  • Pre-opening training program—We go over all necessary aspects of establishing and operating a successful franchise.
  • Marketing—Through our digital marketing partner, we help your brand with effective local marketing.
  • Ongoing support—Our corporate team remains incredibly hands-on when it comes to ongoing support, providing weekly video calls, onsite visits, and more.
  • Confidential operations manual—This manual contains everything you need to run a thriving Crawlspace Medic® business.
  • Vendor relationships—We have built strong relationships with our vendors over the years, and we provide you with access to key suppliers.

Contact us now so we can tell you more about how we will support you as a franchise owner and give you further information about opening your own Crawlspace Medic® business.